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When it comes to mops, we used to think the bigger the better.  But then the James Bond of the marker world came along and changed everything. The Soultip 007 is a mini squeeze marker about the size of a cigarette or tube of lib balm featuring a strong 6mm mohair nib and 10ml of the always amazing soultip paint. The Soultip 007 is great for drips in places that a larger marker could never get to. 

For now we are selling them in sets only, each pack has 9 fun markers of various colors.

Main Color set = Black, white, Gold, Silver, Blazing Red, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Green, and Yellow.

Funky Color set = Neon Green, Neon Pink Pastel, Neon Apricot, Neon Yellow Pastel, Orange, Violet, Blue Pastel, Green Pastel, and Petrol.