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This marker set from On The Run features 4 markers from the world famous Hard To Buff jumbo ink marker series. Each marker is made to the highest quality for super permanent outdoor/indoor application. The premium inks used are long lasting, instantly waterproof, and refillable. Each marker has a German grade pump valve system for exceptional ink flow. Perfect for any artist interested in calligraphy, script, typography, and graffiti street art.

This set includes:

.069 Stainless - These innovative markers offer a blend of silver pigment and permanent black ink, resulting in a smooth satin Stainless ink. What makes this marker special is that when written on different surfaces it creates different finishes. Meaning, if you write on a porous surface, the marker will appear metallic silver and non-porous surfaces create a finish appearing black. Features a replaceable 20mm T-nib which will help enhance any calligraphy, script, or hand style.

.070 Hard to Buff - The OTR. Hard To Buff marker is filled with a deep black and very strong alcohol based ink. Instantly waterproof. The ink is fade proof, drippy, dirty, and really hard to buff. Easily refillable with Hard To Buff Ink, and has a replaceable 15mm nib.

.071 Cold Sweat - This marker stains! Filled with an ingenious mixture of Hard to Buff ink and bitumen. OTR. ultra permanent and highly pigmented ink meets pitch black viscous bitumen! Only the COLD SWEAT allows for such completely opaque and thick coatings by Pump Action marker. features a 20mm T-Nib that is replaceable.

.072 Inkredible - The INKREDIBLE is a high performance marker for extreme operations and demands. With components of the famous HARD TO BUFF (Made in Germany) as well as a long lasting and durable tip (Made in Japan) are combined here with one of the strongest industrial inks on the market. Guaranteed extremely long lasting marks on any surface.

  • 5 assorted Montana Black Empty Markers
  • Refill with your favorite ink or paint
  • transparent marker bodies allow for easy assessment of remaining marker content
  • Designed for all surfaces and both indoor and outdoor use
  • 15mm Standard, 10mm Chisel, 8mm Round, 18mm Crusher, and 10mm Crusher.