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On The Run now offers their extremely popular OTR.005 Soultip squeeze marker in a ready to go version, prefilled with 30ml of their world famous Soultip Paint. The OTR.005 Soultip marker is a smaller and more portable version of the traditional mop, and is widely considered the best dauber available on the market. The durable 12mm Mohair "Diamond-Fibre" nib is resistant to abrasion and the body of the marker is made with a soft plastic for superior flow control. This high-glossy super permanent paint has a highly opaque coverage thanks to strong enrichment with pigments. Soultip paint is also weather proof.

Squeeze paint markers are great for creating bold lines. The squeezable body allows for those popular graffiti drips popularized by the street art movement.

This set features four (4) brand new OTR. 005 squeeze markers in colors: Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, and Stainless (Black Chrome).

-That means 4 premium squeeze mops for less that $5 each! 

For indoor & outdoor use. Works on walls, metal, canvas, mixed media, wood, plastic, glass, stone, leather, and many other surfaces.