OTR .901 Soultip Paint 210ml Marker Refill by On The Run

Çolor Qty
Blazing Red
Hot Pink
Blue Pastel
Green Pastel
Neon Green
Neon Pistachio
Neon Apricot
Neon Yellow
Neon Pink
Neon Orange
Neon Pink Pastel
Stainless Dirty Chrome

The newly reformulated .901 SoulTip Paint is better than ever. Soultip paint is a famous permanent alcohol based paint optimized for use in markers, squeezers, and mops. Each 901 bottle is 210ml+ or a little over 7 ounces. Soultip Paint is high gloss, vibrant, and highly opaque.  This premium quality paint has a UV resistant varnish and it will cover any surface well. It is also weatherproof, scratch resistant, and hard to buff! From beginner to professional, this product will do the job and leave a lasting impression for all to see. Also, the bold bright colors will help you stand out from the rest of the pack and can be mixed for unique color creations.

Soultip Paint can be used with any paint brush, airbrush, in most pump action valve markers, or in any mop or squeeze marker.

• Several vibrant colors to choose from.
• Each 901 bottle is 210ml or a little over 7 ounces.
• Refills markers, squeezers, daubers, and mops
• UV and scratch resistant varnish
• Works in OTR, Molotow, Grog, Krink, Montana, MTN, and Ironlak brand markers

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