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Looking for something a little different? Then get yourself the incredibly unique .069 Stainless marker by On The Run. These innovative markers offer a blend of silver pigment and permanent black ink, resulting in a smooth satin Stainless ink - think of it like a dirty chrome. What makes this marker special is that when you write on different surfaces it creates different finishes. Meaning, if you write on a porous surface, the marker will appear metallic silver. And when you write on non-porous surfaces, the finish appears to be black. The On The Run Stainless features a replaceable 20mm T-nib which will help enhance any calligraphy, script, or handstyle. It also has a pump action valve that gives you control over the flow of ink. This marker is also REFILLABLE.

Great for street art, calligraphy, posters, graffiti art, handstyles, scripts, and all forms of typography.

• Pump action valve system for controlled ink flow
• Includes premium 20mm calligraphy T-nib
• Refillable
• Black / Silver color