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The OTR. Empty Mop / Marker Pack is a great way to work with some of the best markers and mops available on the market. Empty markers are great for any artist, as they allow the artist to customize colors or use your favorite colors across multiple marker styles. Empty markers save since most refills will fill a marker multiple times at a fraction of the cost. The marker pack is a convenient and affordable way to find out why the On The Run markers are so famous. These mops and markers ship EMPTY! For optimal performance refill them with OTR.901 Paint or OTR.984 Flowpen ink. OTR paints and inks are vibrant, extremely permanent and wildly effective.

This pack features: (1) OTR.001 (Soultip), (1) OTR.004 (Soultip squeeze 70ml No logo), (1) OTR.060 Jumbo Marker, (1) OTR.160 (mini pump maker) and (1) OTR.006 Steel nib (Soultip 15ml).

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