OTR .084 Flowpen Ink Marker by On The Run

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The OTR.084 is not called the Flowpen for nothing! This marker is smooth as butter. The newly reformulated Flowpen Marker features ultra smooth and vibrant alcohol-based super permanent ink. The Flowpen has a pump action valve that gives you control of the flow of ink - you can even get drippy if you want to. Waterproof on almost every material. The Flowpen also has a quality 15mm standard nib that helps the marker write like a beast. The nib is replaceable.

This marker is REFILLABLE with OTR.984 Flowpen ink refill.

• Pump action valve system for controlled ink flow
• Includes premium 15mm nib 
• Vibrant alcohol based ink
• Waterproof on almost every material.
• Refillable

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