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The OTR.072 INKREDIBLE by On The Run is a high performance marker for extreme operations and demands. Proven quality components of the famous OTR.070 HARD TO BUFF (Made in Germany) as well as a long-lasting and durable tip (Made in Japan) are combined here with one of the strongest and industrial inks on the market. Call it the Yokozuna of the ink world. Guaranteed  extremely long-lasting marks on any surface. Thanks to the fine adjustable pump valve, the flow of ink can be dosed exactly. Great for street art, calligraphy, posters, graffiti art, and handstyles. The 15mm nib is replaceable.

Ultra Permanent Marker
• Hard-To-Buff Japanese Ink Blend
• 15 mm Broad Tip
• Pump-system Marker
• Waterproof and long lasting.