50 Pack - MTN Complete Spray Paint Nozzle Set

These nozzles were designed by MTN specifically for use with the MTN product range. However, these caps are so well developed, you will find that they work very well on most other popular brands of spray paint. This set includes 50 official MTN professional grade street art spray paint nozzles. The 5 different caps included represent the full spectrum of line widths for maximum control in every art project.   

Hardcore Fat Cap: This cap has a super fat wide spray. With its bright orange color its impossible to miss. With its potential but optimized flow of paint, the Fat Cap lets you fill surfaces in no time, without emptying the can immediately. It's great for bombing and is well optimized for high pressure paint systems. It has a wide spray radius of 6.5 cm / 2.55 inches.

Hardcore Medium Cap: This Cap creates medium lines. Great for quick but controlled fills and outlines. can be used as an 'all-round' type of cap, both for filling surfaces as well as making wide and defined lines. The Spray Radius is about 2cm / 0.78 inches.

Hardcore Paint Cap: This is the standard cap on the MTN Hardcore 2 cans. It has Medium spray to thin spray. It's a good all-around cap for piecing, bombing, and stenciling. Developed to work well with high pressure paints. Spray radius is about 1.8cm  / 0.70 inches.

Universal Transparent Cap: Creates medium to thin lines. Very precise and clean line, low pressure. Standard cap for outlines. Works with most spray paint brands. It's great for detail work and piecing. They are also great for characters. It has a spray radius of about 2cm / 0.78 inches. These come stock on the MTN 94 cans.

94 Skinny Cap: These Caps produce super thin clean thins. They are great for details. Also nice for soft shading. Spray radius of about 1.7cm / 0.66 inches. Recommended for low pressure paints.

Set Includes:

(10) Hardcore Fat caps (10) Hardcore Medium Caps (10) Hardcore Standards  (10) Universal Transparent Caps (10) 94 Skinny Caps


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