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We are proud to introduce the most dangerous marker we have ever made. The Mud Mark ink from Infamy Art is a special kind of ink with an ultra permanent clay based ink, unlike any tool we have ever seen available publicly. The ink is opaque and pops like paint, however it stains deeply like a traditional ink, giving it the best of both worlds. When we say this is permanent, we mean who ever has to buff this is going to have a very, very long day. The Mud Mark ink is designed specifically designed for mop style markers and generally produces a very even "drip", allowing for clean lines with drips right where you want them. 

We have repackaged the Mud Mark Ink to come in a 4oz jar with a ready to fill empty mop.  The jar of murderous ink is enough to refill the mop more than two times, and allows us to ship the product more safely.  

This tool is not for toys, its extremely strong and should only be used by experienced street artists. Wear gloves and be careful refilling your marker, anything you spill on is basically destroyed. 

We are making this available in limited amounts only. However we believe this will quickly become your favorite mop ever.


 * Remember friends, Mud is extremely permanent but it is still an ink, meaning it is still prone to fade in extreme UV conditions, so choose your spots wisely!!

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