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The 25th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can featuring Swiss graffiti writer SMASH137 is now available! In collaboration that encompasses the past, present, and future of the Montana BLACK range, SMASH137 put his contemporary stylistic graffiti stamp on a paint range he helped to develop and create. Always breaking the mold and pushing the boundaries of graffiti style writing, SMASH137 has been a leader in letter development globally since the early stages of his career. A career that has now broadened and crossed over many boundaries, pathing the way for his prolific fine art practice as well as staying true to his roots on the street.

This limited 25th Montana BLACK Artist Edition can breathes some new life into the existing Montana BLACK line color "SMASH Potato BLK400-1005", and reasserts his relevance in the contemporary graffiti scene. Breaking away from tradition, the SMASH137 Montana BLACK Artist Edition swaps the classic black-colored lithography base for a raw aluminum look. This unique approach clears the stage for the SMASH137 style to shine, unfettered and unfiltered. The design is pure SMASH – an outline that's instantly recognizable. This change is about giving space to the artist's style, while maintaining a link to the past. What matters most to the artist is the simplicity of the raw line, uncluttered and reduced to the essentials. It's all about celebrating the strength and appeal of minimalism. #montanacans #smash137 #montanablackartistedition @montanacans @smash137