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The 26th BLACK Artist Series edition from Montana is a unique collaboration with Chris 'JEROO' Ganter, who is celebrated for his distinctive blend of spontaneous graffiti and figurative illustrations. This edition is a testament to the ever-evolving Montana BLACK range and JEROO's significant impact on the culture. The Stuttgart-born graffiti artist has chosen the color 'Brunhilde', a subtle violet shade from the BLACK 4300 color series. This color is renowned and favored for its superior coverage and quick drying time.

JEROO's style, characterized by vibrant nature motifs, colorful wildlife, and ornamental designs, brings a dynamic and organic feel to urban landscapes. His works often blend styles and illustrative elements, showcasing his skills in creating intricate compositions. In 2013, JEROO authored "Graffiti School," the first comprehensive graffiti textbook available in five languages, establishing itself as a seminal guide in the genre.

 This Montana BLACK Artist Edition celebrates JEROO's artistic contributions and his role in educating and inspiring a new generation of artists. It is a testament to his enduring legacy in graffiti culture's rich, evolving narrative.