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We are big fans of Montana BLACK, the colors are consistent, the coverage is impressive, and the pressure is perfect for putting up letters! This set features 22 colors (plus and extra white and black) for a full range ready to handle any project or wall.

Colors included in set are:

Cardinal, Vivid Red, Punk Pink, Miss Piggy, Plum, Lavender, Pimp Violet, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Tiffany Blue, Atlantis, Slimer, Irish Green, Celtic Green, Kicking Yellow, Melon Yellow, Halloween, Sand, Mouse, Rhino Gray, 2 x White, and 2 x Black.

Developed with the graffiti and street artist in mind, Montana BLACK is a global favorite for aerosol artists. Developed in Germany to the highest standards, BLACK features an impressive range of incredibly vibrant colors.

Montana BLACK is a high-pressure Nitro-Combination based formula and is the superior can of it's class. Re-developed with powerful, high covering matte finish colors that can be applied to any surface. The ultimate painting experience with perfect control and handling in any weather condition, these high quality cans are weather proof! Short drying time allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colors immediately. Non-scented aerosol paint made to the highest quality, health and environmental standards. Montana BLACK spray paint features the same incredible valve system as the Montana Gold line and is famous for its quality and reliability. The perfect tool for street art and graffiti artists. With it's high pressure valve, Montana BLACK allows users fast application. Due to the high output of paint and the high pigment load, Montana BLACK covers extremely well. In combination with the variety of Montana caps available, artists will experience a new era of spray painting possibilities.

This set of 24 cans is the perfect set for active artists who need tonal compliments for more complex projects. This set is also perfect for artists who want to stock up on their color selection for future projects. Beef up your color selection! Buying spray paint by the set allows you to save money on paint and on shipping. It also allows you a variety of colors for more expressive results in any project.


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