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This is the Molotow One4All 127 series alternative set of 20 premium grade paint markers. The One4All high solid markers are designed for the critical artist and great to use for all your craft projects. Incredibly consistent, vibrant, and far superior to the traditional decocolor paint marker. Box sorted with the ultimate colors, comes in an attractive clear twist style case. Molotow One4All markers are great for blackbooks, stickers, model trains, model toys, shoes, denim jackets, and a wide range of other modern art projects. See what a difference a professional grade marker can make in your art project.

Colors included are: petrol, violet dark, lagoon blue, grasshopper, KACAO77 UNIVERSES green, future green, amazonas light, lobster, ocher brown light,
sahara beige pastel, skin pastel, blue violet pastel, neon yellow fluorescent, neon orange fluorescent, neon pink fluorescent, neon green fluorescent, signal white, signal black, plus signal white (1 mm) and signal black (1 mm)

  • Unreached coverage, bright colors (100% UV-resistance).
  • Groundbreaking acrylic-based hybrid-paint that can be diluted with water or acetone.
  • Flowmaster pump-valve system ensures even and consistent flow to the nib.
  • The new Reference-Class in the marker area.