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Loop spray paint 400ml Master color Set includes 24 premium grade aerosol cans, developed in Italy with the highest standards while offering excellent coverage. Extra durability against the weather, high UV resistance due to their double acrylic formula - Loop 400ml features a variable pressure valve for incredible spraying control for thin fine lines to big! Versatile for DIY projects from, murals, canvas, street art, graffiti, stencils, crafting, etc... QUICK drying for rapid re-application and overlapping colors immediately!!! Loop 400ml comes with 1 universal thin style nozzle per can for easy details and line work.

"MASTER COLOR SET LIST: Lucca, Reggio Emilia, Barcelona, Metz, Tilburg, Lille, Porto, Liverpool, Goteberg, Beja, Amsterdam, Napoli, Livorno, Basel, Oslo, Venezia, Nurnberg, San Francisco, Leeds, Mora, (x2)Black matt, (x2)white.  *all colors have satin finish*

"SET BONUS": 5 aftermarket specialty nozzles that give you various spraying techniques!!!

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