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Loop 400ml spray paint is a premium grade paint, developed in Italy with the highest standards offering excellent coverage, more durability against the weather, and highly UV resistance due to their 100% acrylic formula - Loop 400ml features a medium pressure valve for low/high can techniques, making it versatile for DIY projects from, murals, canvas, street art, graffiti, stencils, or any other crafting. Short drying time allows rapid re-application and overlapping with other colors immediately. - Loop has a Satin finish and comes with a thin universal style nozzle for easy details and line work. Loop spray paint works with almost all "specialty nozzles aka spray tips or caps" sold on the market. This Popular Color set includes 12 cans as listed below: 1. White-100 2. Black-104 3. San Francisco- 343 4. Nurnberg-321 5. Amsterdam-120 6. Leeds-140 7. Napoli-277 8. Livorno-268 9. Mora-184 10. Basel-221 11. Venezia-254 12. Olso-199 LOOP CANS ARE ENVIROMENATLLY FRIENDLY as well