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Want something a little different from your sticker blanks? Try these new Barbed Wire Hologram eggshell blanks. INFAMY ART EGGSHELLS are the new blank eggshell sticker packs by Infamy Art. These extremely high quality blank stickers are perfect for your art and handstlyes, plus they come in much more interesting designs than we have seen elsewhere. 

These stickers are made from a thin, brittle material that's combined with an ultra bonding adhesive. That means they'll stick to anything, even damp surfaces. And once they're stuck, they're stuck for good. You can't peel them off in one piece, which means they are incredible difficult to remove. 

Peel carefully and enjoy!

  • Easy peel edges.
  • Contours to oddly shaped surfaces
  • Sticks well to textured surfaces such as wood, concrete, and stucco
  • Can be placed on damp surfaces
  • Bond becomes more permanent over time
  • Cannot be peeled in one piece, leading to extreme longevity
  • Comes in pack of 50 
  • 10x6cm stickers. (credit-card sized)