Grog Cutter 08 XFP Paint Marker

Çolor Qty
Burning Chrome
Death Black
Ferrari Red
Jellyfish Fuchsia
Goldrake Purple
Clockwork Orange
Flash Yellow
Miami Green
Laser Green
Iceberg Blue
Diving Blue
Obitory Green
Neon Fucshia
Bogota White

Introducing the CUTTER 08 XFP from Grog Italy. This premium grade paint marker is the ultimate for any skilled handstyler, tagger, calligrapher, or font stylist. Equipped with an 8 mm polyester QUICKFLOW Chisel Tip, you can either soak it for juicy tags or have it sharp like a razor blade. The highly permanent colors have a glossy finish and are reliably vibrant and opaque. The unique nib is small enough for more common projects and perfectly compliments the average "flow" of a tag, script, or signature. Thanks to its handy size, this little jewel is bound to be in your pockets from now on.  CUTTER 08 XFP comes filled with 20 ml of XTRA FLOW PAINT, and it’s refillable up to death!


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