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Big Sleeps, the West Coast master of lettering, has partnered with TATSoul to create his own line of needles designed for the fine lines of custom letter work. These needles are specifically designed for handstyle work and other lettering techniques. Available in different Envy Gen2 Cartridge groupings: Flat Chisel Magnum (long taper), Script Hollow (extra-long taper), and Extra Tight Round Liners (long taper).

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect Needle Taper and Membrane Tension - Measured and stress-tested for superior durability and unparalleled performance designed to prevent ink spit back.
  • Thin Profile - Increase precision with enhanced needle visibility designed to allows close contact with skin.
  • Cartridge Finger Ledge - Unique & industry-first feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working.
  • Quality Process - Envy has the highest standard QC process in the industry. Each needle must undergo a thorough 30-point inspection process before it can earn the Envy name