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Egg Shell stickers a term coined by the manufacturer, are also known as tamper-evident, security, or destructible stickers. Once applied they only come off in very small pieces, like a poorly boiled egg. Egg Shell stickers are extremely hard to remove making them an absolute favorite for sticker artist and fans of street art slaps. Each sticker is 10 x 6cm (approx 3.93" x 2.36") in size making them perfect for tags, scripts, hand styles, and doodles.

Each Egg carton style pack comes with 80 pieces of premium quality Egg shell stickers designed for street art use.

This mixed pack contains the following:

  • (20) Yellow Line Border Blank Egg Shell Stickers
  • (20) Pink Line Border Blank Egg Shell Stickers
  • (20) Blue Line Border Blank Egg Shell Stickers
  • (20) Orange Line Border Blank Egg Shell Stickers