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When a seamless finish matters or if you're just experimenting with a new DIY project, the Montana DIY CAP SET has the cap for you. The pack is compiled of six caps. Three of them are FLAT JET Medium caps and three are FLAT JET Wide caps. Well know as the DIY cap series of choice, the FLAT JET cap series emit extremely clean and even spray output that results in smooth application. Not only does this enable users to cover surface area efficiently, but it also optimizes paint, clear coat and effect coating characteristics. Due to their ability to get into those hard to reach areas, the DIY CAP SET is the perfect cap set for painting objects and for sealing surfaces. With practicality covered, if your project is more artistic or creative, the FLAT JET caps are exceptional for graffiti, urban art or street art applications like calligraphy, large-scale mark making and surface area filling. The turn-able spray dot makes changing from vertical to horizontal line work a breeze. For the best results spray at a distance of 15cm to 25cm away from your substrate, preferably in an area with no cross wind. The FLAT JET Medium cap will spray between 6cm to 8cm in width. The FLAT JET Wide can spray between 10cm to 14cm in width. The Montana DIY CAP SET makes any creative project a "can do" project..