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The new OTR.988 BALL PEN FLUID is an alcohol-based INK concentrate for all of those that love making and mixing their own inks and solutions! Dissolved in commercial thinner you can mix with the highly pigmented gel solution to make your own inexpensive ink. With a mixing ratio of between 10-15%, you can get a lot out of this tiny bottle!!

 Use this ink/gel to boost Ink strength and color saturation in your tags, making it harder to buff!!

The high-yield ink concentrate should be used sparingly, as the drying time can be quite long if the concentration is too high. A small amount of  OTR.988 is enough to make minimal inks darker & richer.

With existing ink's you should only add up to 10% to the filling quantity. The OTR.988 Ball Pen Fluid also gives alcohol-based inks a beautiful shine.

The OTR.988 BALL PEN FLUID can also be used to thicken or color alcohol-based paints (like OTR.901 SOULTIP PAINT) Even in normal correction pens and the OTR.990 SPEED WHITE, a small amount of the OTR.988 BALL PEN FLUID is enough to conjure up cool pastel tones from the standard white!

The OTR.988 BALL PEN FLUID is an absolute novelty on the graffiti market and an innovation from On The Run. Instead of breaking open 30-50 ball pen markers, you have a highly concentrated ink right here with the same potency and durability.

PLEASE NOTE: this cannot be used straight as this is an Ink/Gel CONCENTRATE and is too thick to go through Mops, pump markers, or metal tips.

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