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The Euro Dot Cap Graffiti Spray Paint nozzle Pack is a great way to stock up on the most popular nozzles used in professional graffiti spray paint mural art. The “Dot Cap” series works across more paint brands than any other nozzle line. This pack features (5) 10 packs of assorted spray paint caps for a total of 50 nozzles.

The caps included are the:

Grey Dot (aka MaClaim Cap): Creates super thin lines. It's Great for detail work and piecing. They are also great for characters.

Gold Dot Skinny: These caps produce super thin clean thins. They are good for details. Also nice for soft shading and blends.

Blue Dot Cap: This is a soft spraying cap. It has Medium spray. can be used as an 'all-round' type of cap, both for filling surfaces as well as making wide and defined lines. Good cap for piecing, stenciling, and painting furniture.

Orange Dot Cap: This cap has a medium to fat spray. It's more controllable than a pink dot. It's great for filling in medium to large areas. It's also good for bombing.

Pink Dot Cap: This cap has a super fat wide spray. It's great for bombing. It has nice flare. This is a great cap for handstyles.

All of these nozzles are male caps for use on female valve spray paint. Not all valves are the same, but these will work on many paint brands including Ironlak, Molotow, German Montana, Sugar, Yard Master, ect. Developed for urban street art, murals, and graffiti art.