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Celebrate Montana's longstanding friendship with iconic German writer CANTWO with this limited edition can. Decked out with a bold black, white, and gold design, this can features one of CANTWO's iconic characters and is loaded with the ever-popular shade G6210 Cool Candy.

About the artist: As the founding member of the SUK crew (Stick Up Kids) and one of the first European members of the world-renowned UA (United Artists) crew, Cantwo has been active globally long before the concepts of interrailing or spraycations were even clearly defined. With the special focus on keeping his art on walls, CANTWO also undertook challenges in the fields of graphic art, illustration, and web design, later branching out into studio work. His prolific work ethic has earned him global respect and a rightful place as an international graffiti icon.
CANTWO has offered his commitment and expertise assisting in the development of numerous Montana Cans colors and products, a key role in the former Montana Cans Writer team, and an active position as a positive graffiti culture role model have not gone unnoticed. It is both an honor and an obligation that Cantwo’s iconic status be recognized and celebrated.