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Master illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more with these dynamic markers! This Sketch Marker comes with two felt tips, a 1mm and a chisel-tip, that allow for the creation of fine contour lines as well as thick, bold strokes. Overlaying several layers of color intensifies the color depth, ideal for designing dynamic shading and color gradients. Colors are intermixable while the ink is still wet. The best results are achieved on marker paper with a barrier layer. This set includes one each of carbon black, cool gray, burnt umber, pthalo green deep, light green, ultramarine deep, cerulean blue, brilliant violet, permanent pink, cadmium red middle, brilliant orange and primary yellow.

Perfect For:

  • Illustrations, anime, and fine art projects
  • Non-porous surfaces
  • Fine lines and broad strokes
  • Three-dimensional shading
  • Creating depth of color or gradation
  • Overlaying color
  • Marker paper
  • Mixing colors while still wet