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Dynamic makes professional tattoo ink for serious artists. Dynamic Ink has built their reputation around a tattoo ink developed with outstanding color and consistency for excellent results.

Dynamic Heavy White is the ideal white ink, there are not many options that can compare against the Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink. this provides you with a uniquely vibrant and durable selection, certain to offer a fantastic color on the skin for some time to come. While some of the alternatives may give you a white type healed color, usually looking slightly creamy or dirty because of the lower quality of the ink, this offers you a  bright shade of white, and it stays that way for much longer than any other option on the market, making it stand out against alternatives which are known for fading in a very short time. see below for all available size options.


  • Size Options: 1oz or 8oz
  • Pre-dispersed, premium tattoo pigment
  • Heavy White for long lasting results
  • Made in the USA