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This set includes -

-Killer Bee Black
-The Cut
-Pelican Bay Black

The Killer Bee Black is our latest addition to the Big Sleeps Ink tattoo line of products. It is highly recommended for heavy black outlining, lettering, black work, heavy black filling etc. This formula is The BLACKEST OF THE BLACK It cleans up with ease and is very easy to put into the skin as well. 

 The Cut is our Latest formula to Mix with your Black Ink instead of water or witch hazel. This new advanced Mixing Solution will help you achieve a very smooth Grey. designed by Big Sleeps himself for those who mix their own grey wash blends. This will break down your Big Sleeps Black Ink with ease. guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for... 

This Formula is very Dark but also Dilutes well with a drop system It goes into the skin with ease and it’s beautiful to use with any type of work that contains soft tones such as portraits black and gray etc. It is also wonderful for lining and heals just as dark as it looks.

Pre-dispersed, “shake and use” convenience

Acrylic, solvent, and PET plastic free.
Made in USA