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Exclusively developed by 3-Sixty Spray paint, the Delta Cap System offers endless possibilities. The 3-Sixty Delta cap set comes with a variety of interchangeable caps that allow artists to customize spray width on the same can of spray paint to achieve different effects for professional results with different projects. This large artists set of 50 caps includes ten of each of: Delta 2 - Ultra Skinny Cap, Delta 3 - Skinny Cap, Delta 4 - Outline Cap, Delta 5 - Fat Cap, and Delta 6 - Ultra Fat Cap. Delta 2 to Delta 6 provides thin to fat line output. Easily recognizable by cap color and shape - from thin to fat - from light to dark! The new Delta Caps are optimized for the 3-Sixty line, but they can also be used with any other premium spray paint brand. May need an adapter for “male valve systems” like Rustoleum and Painters Touch.

The spray width changes with the used distance to the object. For skinnier lines, spray from a closer distance. For fatter lines, spray from a further distance.

(This set starts at "Delta Cap 2" because its the skinniest Delta Cap, "Delta Cap 1" is an average stock style cap.) 

  • The Delta 2 Cap is now cleaner and thinner than before! This cap is an ultra skinny cap, for extra fine average spray width ranging from 0.4 -1.5cm. They are great for details, characters, and intricate work. Also nice for soft shading. 
  • The Delta 3 Cap is standard skinny cap, for a fine average spray width from 0.6 - 2.5cm (0.25“ to 1“).Very precise and clean line, It's great for outlining, detail work and piecing. They are also great for characters. 
  • The Delta 4 Cap is a soft skinny cap, for medium average spray width from 1 - 4cm (0.4“ to 1.6“). It's a good all-around cap for signatures, piecing, bombing, and stenciling. 
  • The Delta 5 Cap is a soft fat cap, for a average spray width from 3 -10cm (1.2“ to 4“). Great for quick but controlled fills and outlines. Can be used as an 'all-round' type of cap, both for filling surfaces as well as making wide and defined lines. A fun cap for flares and handstyles. 
  • The Delta 6 Cap is wide fat cap, for average spray width from 4 -15cm (1.6“ to 6“). This Fat Cap lets you fill surfaces in no time, without emptying the can immediately. It's great for bombing, handstyles, or large scale productions.

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