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360 paint has some of the freshest limited edition cans in the game right now.  The Special Edition "PER ONE" is one of several designs done by the FX Crew for their 30th anniversary. Each member of the internationally renowned crew did a design, with each spray can showing which country the artist is from - these cans come all the way from Mexico and are not available anywhere else in the United States. The actual color of paint may vary - 360 does their limited edition cans in various colors, however the actual graphic will be the same.

Get them while they're here, because once they sell out, they are gone forever!

*Please be aware - while we always strive to make sure these cans stay in perfect condition, we can not guarantee that they come from the distributor without minor scrapes or imperfections. There are less than 32 cans available for the entire country, so no refunds will be accepted and the limited series is sold "as is". 

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