Meme - Few and Far

Meme - Few and Far

January 01, 2019 1 Comment

We were grateful to catch up and enjoy a little time with MEME (Few and Far – CBS Crew), an extremely active female graffiti artist who has not only been generous with her time but also has done some amazing things for the graffiti and street art culture. Meme can easily hold her own, but has chosen to share her opportunities with tons of artists, especially supporting other women through projects and organizations like FEW AND FAR. She is a strong artist who relies on an incredible work ethic over selfies and sex appeal. We are truly honored to have her featured as our first female interview, and we highly recommend you check out all the cool projects she is involved with.

What is your name and where do you come from?

Hello My name is MEME I’m from Northern California

Who were your first influences?

Lady Pink, Toofly, Claw, MadC, Klor,  Seen, CBS, Lords MSK crews.

For those who don’t know, you’re a kick ass skateboarder, what do you think is the relationship between Skateboarding and Graffiti? A lot of graffiti artists seemed to have skateboarded at one point or another.

WELL....Thank you I’m not as good as I once was. Skateboarding introduced me to Graffiti... I was a tomboy all of my adolescence so naturally I participated  in what conventionally “Boys did”. I think if you aren’t one to follow rules these types of outlets are perfect for you.

Are you a part of any art collectives, crews, or teams? And can you talk about how you came to join them?

I’m a member of CBS crew and Few & Far. 

You helped organize the collective called “Few And Far” can you tell us a bit about thta?

I co- organize an organization  (Few And Far) that I founded in 2011. With a lot of help from Ursula x Young, whom stepped in roughly 2013 and started helping out.

train graffiti freight bombing paint on boxcar female artist cbs crew

What is your favorite type of train wagon to paint on? (i.e. hopper, boxcar, reefer, stacker, ect…)

I'll paint on mostly anything and be happy...
Freights will always have a special place in my heart, I have a deep respect for freights and trains.

What advice would you have for a female writing who is new to the culture?

Pay homage to the women that came before you. Learn all Graffiti history which includes women’s Graffiti history, and who paved the way for us females.

What do you think you are best known for, and how would you describe your style?

Haha I’m not sure...  I've been a very active graffiti artist who travels.. Maybe my go-getter attitude.  

My graffiti is funky and seems to be dancing. 

wild style graffiti female girl woman women street art artist mural spraypaint

What’s your favorite brand of spray paint to paint with and why?

Free paint is the best paint. 

Where do you think an artist should be able to paint in terms of street art or graffiti? What spaces are “off limits” to you?

I respect the old school common laws of graffiti that have been taught to me. I definitely don't tag or paint on nature, Historic graff, over people who have passed away.  I just try to be respectful. 

meme graffiti cant be stopped crew few and far spray paint female artist

What are your favorite colors, or what colors do you find yourself using often?

I love all colors but I get stuck on turquoise and Gold. 

What kind of nozzles do you tend to use?

Like caps?? I use what ever isn’t clogged!

Do you have a favorite marker? 

Krink and  presto white outs. 

graffiti girl woman female spray paint street art artist train bomber graffiti artist girl female woman street art spray paint

any decent chase stories?

My whole life is a chase story. Lol

Favorite surface to put your paint on and why?

I’m just grateful to be painting anywhere at this point.

Say you’re leaving the house for a night mission, what are you bringing?

I always bring crystals in my pocket. I believe they protect me.

spray paint mural street art graffiti female few and far woman cbs crew meme sweets

If someone asked you why you write graffiti, what would your answer be?

Graffiti kept me from killing myself, getting on drugs, keeps me from fighting etc... Graffiti has been psychologically and physically exhausting, yet its been the most rewarding thing in my life.

You have enough paint for one Burner or several throwies, how do you use the paint?

I'm down with both. 

What kind of project gets you most excited (i.e. Legal walls, crew productions, wholecars, freight bombing)

All of really, each thing has it's place. 

How important to you is the legibility of letters?

Not much, I enjoy everyone’s different styles. If we painted the same it would be boring as hell.  

Have you studied Art in any way, or did you pick it all up in the streets?

Never been to an art class, grew up poor, never had art supplies. Tagging got me interested in art. 

painting graffiti female writer bombing mural art meme sweets cbs crew

We have seen you all over the map, where have you been and where is your favorite place to spraycation?

Many places but still so many more to go! Each country or city is unique in its own way. I don’t think I have a favorite...

female graffiti street artist woman mural few and far spray paint

What do you think of instagram and what impact has it had on you as a graffiti artist?

It’s addicting it has its positives and negative‘s. 

In an age of social media, with cameras everywhere, and police using technology to crack down on graffiti artists, how do you feel about the importance of protecting your personal identity?

 At this point in my life I'm not doing anything too crazy to need to hide my identity.

What is a trick you've picked up over the years that helps out your process? 

Letting go, I hardly have a plan or sketch most the time. I let my A.D.D. be free so I’m all over the place when I paint. I used to stress so hard on straight lines, now I just let what ever is going to happen happen. 

You’ve painted with a lot of talented people, are there any artists in particular you enjoy painting with and why?

Anyone who is a kind person that’s all that matters to me.  Also painting with women is my favorite. 

You have been getting some support from the corporate world recently, most notably Monster energy drinks. How do you balance your rebellious side with the business side of things? Also, how important is it for an artist to learn to support themselves from their craft?

No body likes being broke, Artist's can make a living if they figure out what works for them. Staying true to ones-self and pushing limits can always help someone find their niche.  I recently have picked up some sponsorships that have helped myself and close homies quite a bit.  Thankfully, there's no pressure on me to change or alter the way I live my life. Huge thank you to my sponsors!!

you are beautiful female graffiti woman street art skateboarder mural artist

Does music play a role in your art? Whats in your headphones these days?

Reggae,  RNB, Soul, Hood Rap, old metal.

Is there anything, inside or outside the graffiti world, that you find really inspires your style or how you make your art?

Nature and culture.  

Do you have any big projects we should be looking out for?

Few and Far book 

Do you have any of your art for sale?


graffiti funk spray paint girl women female street artist mural

In interviews people always ask the artist ”Do you have any advice for the beginner?” Beyond the obvious response like “practice more” - What sage like wisdom can you offer the neophyte regarding the culture, codes and ethics, safety tips, tools and techniques, ect?

Don’t be a HATER...

If someone wants to follow you or learn more about you, where should they look?

@Memersweets &

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