I have heard of ''KUHR

I have heard of ''KUHR"

September 08, 2020 1 Comment

Infamy art gave full control of this interview to KUHR ONE, well except some spelling.......enjoy 


How did you get your name?

Around the time I started painting my Stepbrother got in a lot of trouble and was on the run. We had the same mom but different dad’s and his last name is KUHR. I always thought that writing that name would make him come home.  He spent most of his life on the run I never really saw him after that and rarely talk to him but still write the name. He has never once asked me about why I painted that name But I like to remember him the way he was when we were young that’s why the name still has so much meaning.

1.  What started the path to your obsession for draining spray paint cans?  
I was fifteen out riding my bike around and found a tunnel that had tags and throws decorating it. Instantly, I became fascinated and began exploring everywhere looking for more painted markings. I was like a detective investigating a homicide and the obsession turned me into a murderer.


2.   What was your best graffiti road trip?
I heard a horn beeping out front, looking through the window I saw SLOKE, NEWS, and FAUST jumping out of a Corolla parked in the driveway. They were just staying the night, but soon talked me into joining them for a few days on the road.  Every time we stopped for gas, I'd throw 20 bucks in a slot machine and man I tell you I couldn't lose. The first night we stopped in Reno and grabbed a hotel for the night. We ended up at the casino, and yes, I hit $1,200 on a penny slot called "Dante's Revenge."  The adventure only got better from there plus painted a bunch of dope spots, met a ton of cool dudes and drove around exploring San Fran. Good times fellas love you cats.

3.  Why do you love to travel?
It's literally an investment in yourself. It's mandatory for everyone to explore this earth. There's a lot of clarity that comes from leaving home even if it's only a day or two. . .  "Book the damn flight"

4.  Do you participate in any other forms of HIP HOP?
You know, I love to rap in the shower and have been known to attempt a windmill when I nail a strike at the local bowling alley.

5.  What's the best lesson you learned from your parents?

My mom taught me gratitude. My father gave me a work ethic. They both died from smoking cigarettes, so by default, they taught me not to smoke and take care of my health. 


6.  What was the last song you searched with Shazam

It was “Wooly Bully” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. I think it is in the movie Splash it reminded me of when I was a kid. 


7.  Who is your favorite comedian?  

Without a doubt, Sam Kinison. His wardrobe alone will bring you to tears. 


8. Are the rumors true that you are a comedian?

 Everywhere I go, I love to try to make people laugh until they cry. 


9. What was the last book your filthy eyes scanned?

I just finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Santiago, a shepherd boy, goes on an expedition looking for treasure. I discovered a lot about myself when I went on the journey with him.  



10. Who would you like to meet dead or alive?

I would give everything I own to go on a jog with Terry Fox. He was twenty-two years old when he passed. He proved it is not the number of years you live, but your desire to make a difference. 


11. What is the best interview you've ever heard?

Rodney Mullen’s “How to Use Pain to Become the Best in the World.” He invented the “Ollie” and hundreds of other tricks. He loves skateboarding more than anything else on this planet. I admire his dedication and humility. 


12. What kind of people are the worst to be around? 
 Those rotten people who are always looking and waiting for something to offend them.

13. Best advice you've ever received?
At eighty years old, an old friend of mine, Bob Carter told me, “Stop being too nice and NEVER get back with your ex-wife.”

14. What have you learned from graffiti? 
Painting is sort of like getting a minor in exterior decorating, but a major in self-realization. You uncover a lot of hidden truths buried deep within. 

15. How would you explain graffiti to a complete outsider?
Graffiti is a replica of your soul. The effort that you apply is an avatar made up of letters  that you share with the world. It is a sneak peak of who you are deep within. Those small details etched into your pieces are clues to who you are as a person.

16. Can you give us a life lesson you have learned?

Being good at graffiti is one thing. But being good to others is far greater. 

17. What would you call your style?


I have evolved into painting wildstyle. In the beginning, my style was very legible. It has slowly transformed into a braided symmetrical design. I feel like wildstyle is unlimited and still untapped. It has not all been done.

18.  What exactly is your take on social media?

It is a great asset for sure. But I feel like it can be dangerous. I have seen it first-hand ruin people’s lives. I can’t stress enough how careful you should be about putting anything online that can be linked back to you. 


19. You seem like a pretty happy guy. What was a day when you were not a happy camper? 

I was train-hopping in Memphis, waiting for a southbound train. After two days, the mosquitos won and hitch-hiking became the best alternative. 

20. What is the greatest reward after painting all of these years?

The friendships I have made with people like BOZO, EXES,  PASER, AWARE, BURN, SRIL, and JABER are the only things that made these hellish years worth it. These men have enhanced my life in more ways than they will ever know. I cannot thank them enough. I never would have met them without graffiti. Therefore, graffiti is the greatest part of my life.

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January 27, 2021

Jesus, that first question was really all I needed to read. Wow I never knew that’s why you wrote Kuhr.. that really changed my whole outlook on the day. Thanks for sharing, it put a lot of things into perspective. The rest of the interview was good too, yes! the Alchemist! Great book. That sticker at the end was also hilarious. Thank you

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