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IBT Train Blanks from Blank Slaps are giant 8 x 21 cm eggshell style stickers in the shape and design of a clean freight train just aching to get painted on! 30 large RAILBOX BLANKS come in each pack. These new slaps are tons of fun for sticker packs and trades, 

-We highly recommend Posca, Montana ACRYLIC, or Molotow One4all for high quality results with your art on these stickers.

Because they contour to oddly shaped surfaces, you can stick 'em anywhere you want. They're perfect for textured surfaces like wood, concrete, and stucco. The bond on these bad boys only gets stronger over time. So you can trust that they'll stay put no matter what. So grab yourself some Blank Slaps egg shell stickers and take your sticker game to the next level. You won't be disappointed.

  • Easy peel corners
  • Contours to oddly shaped surfaces
  • Sticks well to textured surfaces such as wood, concrete, and stucco
  • Can be placed on damp surfaces
  • Bond becomes more permanent over time
  • Cannot be peeled off easily once applied, leading to extreme longevity
  • Comes in pack of 30
  • 8x21cm 
  • Blank Train Design