Calligraffiti Paint Marker

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The OTR.060 Calligraffiti paint marker is one of our favorite markers. Perfect for any artist interested in calligraphy, script, handstyles, typography, and intricate lettering. This marker features a custom nib designed by renowned street artist Shoe. It's a special T-Nib with a sharp angle cut into it, allowing you to make various line thicknesses ranging from really wide to ultra thin. Whether your project is on canvas or in the streets, OTR quality will remain reliable. This version of the Calligraffiti marker is refillable and comes filled with OTR's vibrant and highly permanent Soultip Paint suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Shoe is the artist behind the book Calligraffiti and the movement combining graffiti with the stylization of calligraphy lettering.

 If you're into really technical handstyles, or you like to practice calligraphy lettering, this marker is an absolute must have.

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