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The One4All Twin Set offers 12 x ONE4ALL Acrylic Twin markers. This genius marker is the first acrylic marker to utilize two nibs on a single body making it ideal for seamless outlining, filling and drawing. Now you only need one marker for any project! Comes fully loaded with Molotow’s popular acrylic One4All high opacity paint. Refillable. Nibs measure 1.5mm round-tip and 4mm round-tip.

Designed specifically to meet the high standards of professional artists. The High Solid markers have great coverage. 
What makes this marker superior is it's patented valve system and the premium acrylic One4All paint. The valve system was specifically designed for this marker, it ensures even and consistent flow to the nib.

  • acrylic-based 
    • highly opaque 
    • permanent 
    • good UV resistance 
    • for nearly all surfaces (check surface first) 
    • refillable 
    • mixable

The colors included in the main kit 1 are: zinc yellow, traffic red, DARE orange, true blue, currant, signal white, signal black, KAKAO77 green, shock blue, magenta, poison green and grey blue light.