Welcome to Infamy Art

Welcome to Infamy Art

March 25, 2015

Welcome to Infamy Art! We are a humble alternative art supply company based out of San Diego, California. Our entire team has dedicated their lives to the graffiti and street art culture, and it is our pleasure to support you in all your artistic endeavors. We believe that "Not all art needs permission" and that we all deserve the freedom to express ourselves. We will provide the tools for your creations, no matter the surface you choose to mark on. 

Watch us grow! If you don't see what you are looking for on the site, keep checking back, because Infamy Art is growing rapidly and we will be adding new products all the time!

We are active in our community, so we will be helpfully reviewing supplies and offering advice and pointers about product use. Wondering which nozzles will work best with your new adapter? Curious about a new mop or marker? Check our site for new videos and blogs answering these questions and more.

We will also be featuring incredible artists on the site. Not only learning more about the artists themselves with in depth interviews, but also by making their product available at reasonable prices. You might just find your new favorite artist here.

Thank you for your support. Lets paint on everything!