April 29, 2022

1. introduce yourself , where are you from and who you are.

Skoler One and I represent WAI, TEAM, AE and motherfuckin Sluts crew

 2. tell us about how you see graffiti and why you do it. 

 The way I see it is it keeps me sane and makes me happy since I was 13 years old. Graffiti pushes me to do better than I did yesterday and it’s fun to go break the rules and go against what the “norm” is .

 3. What inspired you to get into this subculture? maybe describe some local history in your hood-


Growing up my cousin Buyo and people close to me were into gangs and I looked up to my cousin a lot. I admired his gangster lifestyle, the way that he was against the system, had everyone’s respect ,and was down for his neighborhood. I wanted all of that, but without all the other things that came with it. I wanted to be gangster in my own way without having to prove myself to any "hood". I found graffiti in 6th grade. A few friends where into hip hop and were tagging and at first I thought it was stupid, maybe because I wasn't good at it. I would practice during class and walking home from school catching tags up and down the alley. We would steal small pocket cans from a car modeling shop across street from our junior high school. Now my crews are my gang, in a way. In this culture I have found my people.

 4. How often do you paint? Do you want to paint more ? or less? give us your routine.


I paint when the time is right. I always want to paint more..duh! I used to paint 3 to 4 times a week. But my routine has changed. I recently became a dad and a step dad of 2, so my painting schedule has shifted a bit and for the best, I would say. I love spending time with my family. They say balance is key. 

 5. what cities are your favorite to visit?

Wherever I go everyone shows love. Most recently Vancouver and Mexico city were my favorite this year but every city that I have visited has been fun. You got to make it fun no matter what! Or else what’s the fucking point!

 6.What artists inspired you at a younger age?


Growing up I had handful of dope writers that were friends who inspired me. Older local writers took me under their wing too. They showed me new things and introduced me to spray paint. They were what I looked up to. 

7. What are some of your goals with graffiti art? 


If it isn't challenging me, or fun then I am out! EASY! 


8. Do you think graffiti art or "spray paint" art belongs in galleries ?

Yeah. I don't see the harm in that. When I get asked to be part of a show either small or a big gallery I take pride in that. I’m blessed someone is thinking of me and trying to show love. That’s the creator trying to challenge me. Graffiti is art so yes it belongs in galleries!

 9. what is your favorite tools to use and why? like paint brands or markers etc.

 Little bit of everything! I don't discriminate! The streak and scribe have always been held high in the ranks. You can catch landmarks and that’s forever.


10. What are your thoughts about the internet and art, Did graffiti get ruined by online platforms or did it get enhanced ?

 Yes and no. You gotta keep with the time so I guess it’s inevitable.

 11. Where are some of the places on your bucket list?

Cuba, more places in Europe and Egypt…..Egyptian Lover baby…Egypt.


12. If you could go back in time in your life would you do anything different?

 Everything I have gone through in life has led me to this point. I would not change a thing because I might not end up here with my daughter, so I would do it all the same.

 13. Do you have any chase stories you wish to share?


Yes, one time I went into a Chase and  got robbed at gun hahaha those stories are for another coffee time. 

 14. what is the secret to be happy for you?

 Dang! It ain't a secret, its beautiful thing being happy with oneself and that all starts with self-love self-care!

 15. what advice do you have for other artists that are new to the game?

 Do you!

 16. If you didn't paint graffiti what hobby would fill that void?

 Fuck! I honestly wouldn't know. I am bad at sports, I love drinking and drugs (sober now) I can't draw for shit I cant even do letters hahahaha don't fucking know. What I do know is that I’m glad we won’t have to find out and I ain’t no fucking quitter!!!

 17. are you a cat or dog person ? and why. 

 Why must I chase the cat! Nothing but the dog in me!!!! 

 old english bulldogs, bulldogs! fuck everything else!

 18. what is the single best investment of your time at this point in life?

 Best investment I have made is in myself. Self-love and self-care. Through that I was able to get sober. After that happening I found the greatest woman ever and now we have an amazing, beautiful baby and I’m part of a great family. I spend more time with mom, dad and family. Everything happens for a reason. 

9. Do you believe in karma? Have you ever seen karma work?

 Yup I believe, I have seen and experienced it. 

 20. what are you listening to lately? does that influence the work?

 I listen to a little bit of everything! If it has soul and heart I am in! Jimi Hendrix, WAR, Jazz, Creedence Clearwater Rivaval, Rage Against The Machine, Pedro Infante, Chente (RIP), Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Ramon Ayala, Chalino (RIP), Tribe Called Quest, Dilated Peoples, Jurasic5, Blackalicious, Freestyle Fellowship, Xololanxinxo, Suga Free, Gangstarr, Del the Funky Homosapien...etc...etc.. Like I said a little bit of everything but for sure not the new radio mumble rap music.! 


shots out....

Big huge shout out to my mom and dad, my sisters and all family. Love y’all!!! 

To everyone who ever fucks with me and shows love and support! And even them haters, got to love them. Been hated on since I was a kid and till this day! I do this for them hahaha 

To all the family and friends who aren’t on this earth anymore thanks for watching out for me and I’ll see you when I see you.



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