Kever Ones Interview

Kever Ones Interview

February 03, 2023

kever ones graffiti artist aerosol mural with spray paint

What do you write? And what does it mean?

              I write the words “Kever Ones”.  Kever to me means purpose in life and longevity and Ones is my take on the fact that there is only one me. It’s a reassurance that regardless of how many people there are creating art, only one can create the way I do. It motivates me to continue designing and building my art.  

Who were your first influences?

               Most of New York. Growing up in Brooklyn allowed me to get a view of different styles of graffiti before there was even a way to view it online. In the early 90s, Rime, Setup and Nace ( RIP) were styles of art that got me fascinated with compositions of letter possibilities . Those styles got me into the Wildstyle addiction.

Have you studied Art in any way, or did you pick it all up on your own?

                I’ve learned my craft on my own through trial and error.  I took the basic art classes in high school but nothing serious.  In school I would draw for hours into black books and scrap papers.  I would walk the freight ditches and catch some pieces but at the time I didn’t have a definitive style.

keverones graffiti street art spray paint letters interview

You have a strong following on Instagram. How has Instagram helped you as an artist?

               Instagram has been a beneficial tool in my journey.  I’m a social person and I believe that by networking I can accomplish even more.  I’ve been fortunate in my Instagram career. I’ve learned that posting consistently and engaging with my followers has allowed me to gain a great audience for my art.  I always look forward to sharing my experiences with them.

Why do you think you have such a strong following and what words of wisdom would you give to another artist trying to expand their fan base?

                Consistency and engagement! To those that seek growth in their following, I suggest you research as much as you can. The internet has a lot of free information that can help you learn as much as you can. Build relationships with your audience, it will help you long term.  Another idea is to collaborate with other artists.  This helped me tremendously when I was starting.  The thrill of working with other artists was incredible.  Not only did we create dope works, but it also leveled me up as an artist and allowed for another audience to view my work.

Kever ones blackbook graffiti art drawing with street art style

We’ve seen you rock a ton of amazing blackbook pieces. About how many blackbooks have you blessed (we are talking full color crazy stuff, not just tags)?

               Too many to even think of.  I like receiving black books from other artists, although I do take my time, I love to burn them and leave a mark.  I believe black books to be a key factor to developing styles and homing in on your skills.  I’ve been fortunate to bless hundreds of books.  So, if you’ve got a book laying around and would love for me to bless let me know… I will have it for a while Haha.

You have a unique and distinguishable style. How did you come to develop your type of lettering and how would you classify your style.

                Thank you! I would consider my style a bit of an organic robotic Mecha flow.  Although I tend to change from 3 different styles with usually same approach it’s still easily noticeable as my own,  something that took me quite some time. My writing styles are inspired from comic books such as Transformers, Gundam and other nostalgic cartoons.

Kever one graffiti artist interview street art mural aerosol artist

How important is the legibility of letters to you?

               Letter forms are extremely important.  Especially when you are first starting off as an artist.  Unfortunately, when I first started, I don’t know why I jumped so quickly into trying to learn wild styles before knowing the true foundations of letter building. I struggled for many years trying to make something look unique. It’s when I back tracked to the pure basics letter forms that I began to develop better forms of styles.

You do a lot of work with markers. What are some of your favorite markers to use?

                Top of my list are AD chartpaks, Montana markers, Molotow, Alpha acrylic and Posca.  I also dabble with other brands such as Pintar, Copics, and Touch. I’m always on the lookout for more recommendations.

Infamy Art Kever Ones Interview blackbook graffiti marker art street art culture

While you have been focusing more time on walls, a lot of people know you for your impressive blackbooks, canvases and such.  Why don’t you do more illegal stuff yo!?

               In truth I would love to spend much more time on large scale works on walls but with my hectic schedule it’s tough to fit everything in lol.   As far as the illegal side of it… I love hitting the freights with my killers from XCEL crew, but I tend to keep things limited.  I have another career apart from the graffiti. I also feel like a stable life is important for growth, especially when you have kidsI will say this though…this year I plan to mix things up a bit. 

Do you consider yourself a street artist? A Graffiti artist? A modern artist?

                Graffiti will always be my passion.  There’s nothing I love more than letter forms. As far as titles are concerned, I honestly don’t know what that title would be. I think I switch things up to be formally categorized under one label. In the end I just like to make shit, whether it’s nostalgic cartoons, my own character which is called Lookers, crazy wild styles, hardstyle's or doodle art.  I love pushing my limits to see where I go.  

Are you a part of any art collectives, crews, or teams? And what does being in a crew mean /do for you?

               Xcel. We are a group of artists with very different styles who encourage and support each other.

Kever ones marvel graffiti character interview at Infamy Art

What’s your favorite brand of spray paint to paint with and why?

               Definitely Montana black for its great coverage and variety of color range.  Evolve from 004 is my second go to.  They have a great collection of colors and is a local shop in which I support.  They also have great customer service, which is important.  Some other notable mentions are Kobra and Molotow paints.  

What kind of nozzles do you tend to use on your spray paint?

                Definitely Yellow universals and NY fats.  

Kever Ones graffiti artist painting interview for

Does music play a role in your art? What are you rocking in your headphones currently?

                Depends on what I’m doing at the time.  I like all types of genres.  Nas has always been my favorite.  Currently bumping Nas and Damian Marley “Patience”.

What are your favorite colors or are there colors you find yourself using often?

               Purples and pinks lol. And a nice dark outline.  I love the bold stuff that pops.  Shoutout to Motick, I love his use of colors and styles.   

kever Ones Infamy Art aerosol artist interview for graffiti street art spray painting

Is there anything, inside or outside the graffiti world, that you find really inspires your "style" or how you make your art?

               I like to go to local comic book shops and purchase various books etc.  Comics taught me how to use colors, work with background layouts and overall, just learn about character art.  What drives me is watching an artist's growth and the possibilities that are out there, especially in the art world.

You seem to be a very driven artist. Do you have any goals for the next year or two?      

               I’m planning on more studio work.  I’ve been slowly training myself in new techniques and approaches that help me become more visually recognizable.  I plan to do a solo show sometime this year, 2023.  Also, be on the lookout for graffiti jams and more. 

Kever Ones aerosol artist spray paint interview for graffiti urban art

Do you have any big projects we should be looking out for?

               Yes indeed.  I have several collaborations I’m currently working on.  I partnered with Fredrix Canvas to bring to you some of my “lookers Mania” themes on various types of canvas.  I Also have some black book magic with one of my most favorite marker brands called AD chartpaks.  A few collaborative things with Montana Cans.  I’ll be blogging about these opportunities on my website.  I’m also continuing my work with Alpha Acrylics paint.

Do you have any of your art for sale?

               I always have something up for grabs on  Feel free to contact me directly through Instagram with any commission opportunities. 

If someone wants to follow you or learn more about you, where should they look?

               I’m everywhere on social media as Keverones.  Please visit my website for more goodies.

Kever Ones Blackbook art page graffiti marker artist interview for Infamy Art

Any parting words?

               I want to take this time and talk to the youth.  Take your time and learn your craft.  Practice with books until you can develop a style of your own.  It’ll be difficult but be patient, you’ll get there!  If you need a mentor, then seek one out but remember that most artists tend to keep to themselves.  This career is not for everyone but I’m always around, feel free to reach out.

               Also, a special thanks to my lovely lady for always being supportive and understanding the life of an artist.  She has been a blessing.  Special mention to my team as well! XCEL! We have more to come.  Shoutout to Fisco for the encouragement on my videos!  There’s so many of y’all that I truly appreciate the continuous support.  I’m excited for what’s to come these years. And lastly my beautiful son KD99,  Love Ya kiddo!

Keverones graffiti street art style aerosol cans interview at Infamy Art
Kever Ones graffiti art interview for aerosol artist at

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