Sharp Shooter Super Skinny Nozzle (New Color!)

The newly developed Sharp Shooter is a super skinny cap is an ultra-thin fine line spray cap released by Ironlak for the finest of detailing. It gives you the ability to create ultra thin lines with little to no over-spray or blurring.  A ridged top and smooth edges allows for a better grip while spraying.  The lime green coloration of the spray cap immediately lets you know the cap you are using so you are certain to get the effect you are looking for. This cap allows for a faster output than more common “skinny” caps, which means it clogs far less often, however it can require quicker wrist motions for some lines and effects. Used effectively this cap can create some of the thinnest lines possible.

Fits on Ironlak, Sugar, Molotow Premium, MTN 94, Hardcore 2, Montana Black, and most of your favorite premium brands of spray paint. Adapter required for brands with “male” valve systems such as Rustoleum and Painters Touch. 


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