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MTN Water Based Spray Paint 16 Can Workshop Pack by Montana Colors

$ 74.98

  • Set of 16 water based 100ml spray paint cans
  • Clean up with just soap an water (for first 25min)
  • Highest quality pigments
  • Designed to highest quality and standards
  • Highly recommended for Fine Arts, Graffiti Art, Body Art, ect.

WATER BASED. Water soluble, low pressure, odorless, matte finish for in & outside use.

Formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. Highly recommended for Fine Arts, Graffiti Art and many other professional jobs. Anti-clog valve. Ergonomic cans cause less fatigue when painting indoors or places with poor ventilation. Perfect for indoor / outdoor work. Suitable for use on all types of surfaces, including styrofoam and polystyrene. Fresh stains can be removed with just soap and water during the first 20 - 25 minutes. Kid friendly with supervision. Waterproof once dry. 100ml. cans.

Fast drying water based aerosol paint of excellent characteristics with a matte finish of high quality and long durability.


The product can be used on many substrates: iron, steel, plastics, wood, directly on expanded polystyrene. Beaux arts, Graffiti, DIY, Crafts, Industry, Household

Instructions for use:
- Shake properly the aerosol before using it for at least one minute after the agitator ball is free.
- Apply to clean and dry surfaces. On plastic using a primer may be necessary.
- Apply thin coats for best results . It is always better three thin layers than a thick one. Repaintable after thirty minutes with the same paint.
- Reverse the aerosol valve to purge after use, if the actuator gets blocked, replace it with a new one.
- Do not apply on connected equipments and use the product in well ventilated areas.

Colors included in set are: Cadmium Yellow Medium, Azo Orange, Naphtol Red, Quinacridone Rose, Quinacridone Magenta, Blue Violet, Phthalo Blue Light, Prussian Blue, Turquoise Green, Brilliant Light Green, Brilliant Green, Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna, Neutral Grey, Titanium White, and Carbon Black.

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