MTN SPEED 400ml Spray Paint Set of 12 - Catch Me if you Can

Speed from Montana Colors is an extremely high pressure spray paint. This means the can sprays the paint out much faster than your average spray paint. Why would you want your paint to spray faster? There are situations when time becomes a very important factor, where seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, and time becomes vital. SPEED is designed with a matte finish, very high-pressure and strong opaque colors.  Combined with their high covering qualities, SPEED is the perfect tool for painting large surfaces in the shortest amount of time possible.

They are perfect for fill-ins and fades but can also be easily adapted for fast outlines or precise, Skinny Cap outlines. Fast drying synthetic paint works in extreme temperatures. This paint is perfect for bombing!!!

This set comes with 12 x SPEED 400ml spray paint cans. Colors included in set are 3 x Black, 1 x White, 1 x Light Yellow, 1 x Electric Blue, 1 x Tasmania Green, 1 x Ceylon Orange 1 x Clown Red, 1 x Prodigy Violet, 1 x Pharaoh Brown, and 1 x Matter Grey.

Beef up your color selection! Buying spray paint by the set allows you to save money on paint and on shipping. It also allows you a variety of colors for more expressive results in any project.

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