MTN Hardcore 2 - Spray Paint Set of 24 - Complete Artist Kit

This set features 22 of the most popular colors from the MTN Hardcore 2 spray paint line (plus 2 x White and 2 x Black). 

The Colors included in this 400ml Spray Paint set are:

Love Pink, Magenta, Vivid Red, Bordeaux Red, Purple, Violet, Galaxy Violet, Electric Blue, Light Blue, Patagonia Blue, Paris green, Pistachio Green, Cologono N Green, Lutecia Green, Orange, Mango, Light Yellow, Tepuy Brown, Pearl Grey, Sputnik Grey, 2 x Divinity White, and 2 x Black

MTN Hardcore 2 Spray Paint is a premier spray paint line that remains economical while surpassing the industry standard for what makes a great spray paint. MTN Hardcore was the first ever spray paint created explicitly for graffiti and mural art work. Developed with extensive testing and feedback from street artists, it boasts a breakthrough synthetic glossy formula and clean, precise application which has made Montana Hardcore famous all-over the world.

Hardcore 2 Spray Paint cans come equipped with a unique V-Touch female valve that’s 100% compatible with all the caps in commerce. Forget about the overkill and the leaking problems. Need a certain skinny line? Prepared to take down a whole wall with one can? Hardcore 2 allows you to make it a reality, with coverage of up to 32 square feet. Consistent pressure allows for streamlined spraying and an even paint flow, which helps reduce skips, drips, and other nasties that impede a production. Works well on a variety of surfaces: wood, metal, concrete, glass and more! Included on the can is the patented Skinny Banana Negro Cap which is ideal for outlines.

MTN Hardcore 2 Spray Paint is compatible with the full selection of MTN Spray Caps (sold separately).

Beef up your color selection! Buying spray paint by the set allows you to save money on paint and on shipping. It also allows you a variety of colors for more expressive results in any project.


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