MTN 3mm Water Based Paint Markers 20-Pack

Water Based Markers from Montana Colors provide perfect coverage, fast drying and complete adhesion within a 24 hour time frame (depending on the surface). Formulated with low odor resins, which are water-soluble and also pigments of the highest quality. Technically, the valve functions perfectly, allowing for excellent paint control and flow while preventing overloads and spills. Furthermore, its simple design makes it possible to open the container and refill the marker, as well as change the tip when it’s worn.

The popular "Donut", present on Montana spray paints for color indication, has been adapted to the lid to unify this product with the rest of the Water Based line. The transparent container makes it possible to view the amount of paint remaining.

This set comes with 20 paint markers, each featuring a quality 3mm nib. Colors included in set are: Titanium white, Carbon Black, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Naphthol Red, Brilliant Light Green, Phthalo Blue Light, Prussian Blue, Quinacridone Magenta, Azo Orange Light, Quinacridone Rose, Azo Orange, Blue Violet Light, Dioxazine Purple, Turquoise Green, Brilliant Yellow Green, Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna, Neutral Grey, and SIlver, and Gold.

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