Montana White Synthetic Spray Paint Set of 12 Colors

The Montana White 400ml Spray Paint set of 12 features an assortment of a dozen high-covering, quick-drying gloss colors that offer excellent surface coverage. Made from a synthetic lacquer base and contained in a high-pressure 400 ml (14 oz) can, these affordable, easy-to-use spray paints feature the Montana performance and quality that artists and hobbyists have come to know and trust. Montana White Spray Paint features rich, opaque colors that function in all weather conditions – This versatile spray paint is made for the artist, creative, and hobbyist alike. Montana White is a superior quality spray paint at an affordable price – perfect for murals, street art, graffiti art, furniture, crafting, canvas work, and more. The standard female valve system allows the artist to change nozzles for a wide range of applications and techniques.

 Prior to use, Montana Spray Paints must be shaken to assure the pigments and other ingredients are sufficiently blended. After you hear the ball bearings moving freely, vigorously shake the can back and forth in a lengthwise direction a few times to further blend the paint. Whichever technique is used, use care to avoid damage to the can or injury to your hands.

Colors included in this set are: Chili, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Bavaria Blue, Kings Purple, Brasil Yellow, Bright Orange, Caipirinha Green, Grass Green, Street, Ancient White, and Black.

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