Montana Cans Sticker Set

Big or small, the Montana Sticker Set has it all. In the tradition of spreading color everywhere, this compilation of 12 different sticker designs varies from the smallest "Montana Dog" 3 x 6.5 cm to the largest "Sicoer Van" 7 x 13cm. Printed on high-quality vinyl and chrome sticker paper, each image is sealed with a UV coating for extra lasting power. The complete set features; "Montana Dog, 45RPM, Montana BLACK can, FRESH Paint, German Quality Spray Paint, Lugosis, Matter Of, Neon Vest Orange, Neon Vest Yellow, Shapiro, Sicoer Van and Typo Logo Metallic

*Please Note-

These are special order and selling quick, when we sell out they could be sold out for good, get them while they are available!!!

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