Montana Cans Limited Edition Spray Can - BLACKBRÄU Edition

 Get your hands on the special edition Montana BLACK, LIGHT BLUE -5030 (Bavarian Blue Edition). It's called the BLACK Brau "Oktober" edition which also celebrates the proud "Made In Germany" ethos. There was no better artist to create the artwork for such a delicate spraycan than Flying Fortress. Born and raised in Munich and even now living up North in Hamburg, he is no stranger to the joys of drinking beer and  the beauty of the legendary blue colored Bavarian sky!  FÖRTRESS is maybe almost as famous to the world graffiti community as Oktoberfest is known to beer lovers. It doesn’t stop there though. As an integral member of the JBCB crew and purveyor of all things cool, FÖRTRESS’s work extends also far into illustration, apparel and collectible vinyl toy design. With Beer & Bavaria in his blood, the integration of the iconic “Dackel” was just a logical step for him as an Oktoberfest insider.

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