Molotow Premium Belton 400ml Spray Paint 12 Pack - Popular Colors

Molotow Belton Premium 400ml is considered the crème de la crème of quality spray paints. This special set of Molotow Premium Belton spray paint features 12 colors specifically matched with the famous Molotow One4All High Solid Premium paint marker line. This allows any artists to create an incredible range of detail whether on a wall, a canvas, or any other creative surface.

Colors included in the set are: Dare Orange, Zinc Yellow, Signal Red, Shock Blue Middle, Currant, Mister Green, Burgundy, Petrol, Grasshopper, Mad C Psycho Pink, Signal White, and Signal Black

Molotow Premium has a reputation among modern artists as the absolute best quality spray paint on the planet. Molotow Premium is the no dust, anti-drip, all season, coversall spray paint that guarantees incredible UV resistance and astonishing opacity and vibrancy. It is the earliest low pressure can to incorporate a variable pressure control valve and has continued to offer the widest color selection on the market. MOLOTOW PREMIUM revolutionized the aerosol technology and is to this day one of the most reliable spray cans on the market. Highest opacity, luminance, lasting permanency and worldwide unrivaled reliability are the main features that make MOLOTOW PREMIUM so unique. 

Buying spray paint by the set allows you to save money on paint and on shipping. It also allows you a variety of colors for more expressive results in any project.



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