Ironlak 1mm Fibre-tip Pen Set (12 Colors) Series 2

When accuracy matters, The Ironlak Fibre-Tip pens are perfect for adding fine and medium sized details to illustrations. With a 1mm pressure resistant nib, the water-based ink is vibrant and writes smoothly and with precision. Great for use in blackbooks, illustration, homemade stickers, sketchbooks, drafting, manga and comic art, canvas, and other art projects. Ironlak is one of the world leaders in graffiti art supplies. Developed by writers for writers. Highly recommended. 

Colors included in set: Dark Green, Light Green, Peach, Brown, Medium Grey, Fuchsia, Violet, Dark Violet, Dark Turquoise, Light Turquoise, Middle Blue, and Dark Blue.

12 Vibrant Colors
• Approx 1.0mm line width
• Bleedproof
• Xylene and toluene free
• Waterproof and long lasting.



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