Infamy Art Friends and Family Sticker Pack Series 1 - Limited edition

You cant fake the funk! Infamy Art is an active part of today's Street Art and Graffiti scene, and to prove it we asked some of our closest friends to share their art for a one of a kind sticker pack. And while its becoming more common to sell exclusive stickers for tons of money, We all agreed to keep it real and offer it at a fair price for the community. These packs are limited to about 100 units, and will never be made again. This pack includes over 20 exclusive stickers from artists: Katch, Drew, Style, Fishe, Sloke, Versuz, Clown, Hufr, Kever, Bloved, Solve, Meme, Getoe, Zane, and Jaber - plus a bunch of Infamy Art slaps.

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