Grog Empty Refillable Marker Set of 5

The Grog empty marker set contains 5 top grade empty refillable markers. This unique set includes the Grog Cutter 30 Empty, Grog Cutter 15 Empty, Grog Cutter 08 Empty, Grog Squeezer 10 Empty, and Grog Squeezer 05 Empty.

This Grog marker set saves money and gives you a diverse selection of options for any style or project. The transparent marker bodies allow for easy assessment of remaining marker content. Empty markers allow artists to customize their marker collection by filling the markers with the acid-free ink or paint of their choice, even mixing colors together to create custom and unique colors. Designed for all surfaces and both indoor and outdoor use. Great for canvas work, handstyles, street art, or any other important art project.

  • Grog marker set of 5
  • Refillable with your favorite colors
  • Flow control pump-valve system allows accurate handling and application
  • Mix colors together to create your own unique markers

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