Ghetto Blaster Fan Tip (Ultrawide)

The Ghetto Blaster Fan Tip or Calligraphy Tip made by Ironlak is an ultrawide fan/calligraphy style tip that gives you the ability to spray out a super wide even covering spray from almost any premium can of spray paint. Spraying one direction gives you a fat line while spraying in an opposite 90 degree direction gives you a thin line. The Pink end/nozzle is adjustable where it can rotate any direction as well giving you more versatility and use of this specialty spray cap! Great for handstyles and unique signatures.

Fits on Ironlak, Sugar, Molotow Premium, MTN 94, Hardcore 2, Montana Black, and most of your favorite premium brands of spray paint. Adapter required for brands with “male” valve systems such as Rustoleum and Painters Touch. 

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